Unlock 6x More Ranking Insights in Local Search Grid

Unlock 6x More Ranking Insights in Local Search Grid

We’ve upgraded Local Search Grid to give you more ranking insights than ever.

Since we launched last year, Local Search Grid has become a valuable and popular addition for our customers. They use it to:

  • See the real-world picture of how a business is ranking based on where customers are searching
  • Understand which businesses they’re really competing against in local search and how to overtake them
  • Show clients ranking improvements in an easy-to-understand and compelling way
  • Generate visually engaging reports for prospecting and pitching potential clients

Lsg1 Fixed Shadow

Up until now, each Local Search Grid report was limited to five keywords, so you’d need to be selective about what you wanted to track and analyze.

But that’s changed! Now, you can track up to 30 keywords in each report so you can:

  • Get a broader understanding of local search visibility
  • Reduce potential blindspots when tracking and analyzing keyword performance
  • Get more insights into who you’re competing with across different keywords
  • Make Local Search Grid a more integral part of your client reporting

To help you take full advantage of this, we’ve just given existing Single Business, Multi-Location, and SEO Pro subscribers extra Local Search Grid credits for free.

But that’s not all. We’ve made a number of improvements that’ll make it easy to stay on top of these extra insights. We’ll go through them now, so you know what’s new.

New metrics to help you understand and track performance across all keywords

We’ve added new metrics to measure and compare the performance across every keyword you’re tracking for a location.

All Keywords Average calculates the Average Map Rank across every keyword for a bird’s-eye view of a business’s search visibility. Plus, you’ll be able to track how that’s changed between each report run and see how many keywords moved up and down.

You’ll find these metrics at the top of every Local Search Grid report.

All Keywords Average

And to help you spot changes to visibility across all locations, you’ll now find All Keywords Average on the Local Search Grid Overview page, and as a metric you can add to Locations Overview.

Track changes to visibility more easily

You’ll now be able to see how much the Average Map Rank has changed for each keyword between report runs–so you’ll never miss a significant increase or decrease in search visibility.

Average Map Rank Change

Quickly compare keyword performance

To help you prioritize your efforts, we’ve added the ability to quickly navigate between keywords. And, importantly, see the performance of each keyword and how that has changed since the last report run.

Keyword Navigation

Get started with free Local Search Grid credits

If you’re subscribed to a Single Business, Multi-Location or SEO Pro plan, then we’ve got a special gift, just for you: FREE Local Search Grid Credits.

These bonus credits are in addition to the monthly credits you get as part of your plan. And better yet, they won’t expire! Here’s what you’ll have at your disposal the next time you log in:

  • Single Business subscribers: 500 free credits
  • Multi-location subscribers: 1,000 free credits
  • SEO Pro subscribers: 3,000 free credits

We hope this gives you plenty to get started with, so you can unlock more ranking insights than ever. Head over to Local Search Grid to start using your credits.

If you’re new to Local Search Grid or haven’t had the opportunity to go deep on it yet, then we’ve got you covered.

New to BrightLocal? Give Local Search Grid and all our tools a try with a 14-day free trial.

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