Using Review Videos to Improve SERP Click-Throughs

Using Review Videos to Improve SERP Click-Throughs

Ranking your site for competitive keywords can be exciting – a real ego boost. But sometimes we get so focused on bringing down the big game that we neglect the easy, low-hanging fruit. Here’s what I mean…

I have a client with a 38-year old business who advertises locally on TV, radio and in the newspaper. As a result of referrals and advertising, his site gets about 100 searches for variations of his business name each month.

For one reason or another, potential customers are considering what he has to offer. These people just need some good compelling reasons to take action.

Searching on my client’s company name returns a search that looks like this…

Using Review Videos to Improve SERP Click-Throughs

See that “rating” of 2.9?

Does it matter that the website hosting that review is nothing more than an AdSense site, and that a review can be left simply by running your mouse over some stars, without even having to register?

Not to the uninformed person searching for validation to use this school, it doesn’t. All they see is that mediocre 2.9 star rating.

They don’t see the number of 5 star reviews on his Facebook page, or the binder filled with printed emails and letters received from past students, praising his company for its greatness.

This “warm” traffic is low-hanging fruit that could mean thousands…or tens of thousands…of dollars for his business. He just has to pick it.

But how?

Yes, he could, should, and is, encouraging more reviews on Google (as per screenshot below:)

Using Review Videos to Improve SERP Click-Throughs


However, there’s a fruit-picking tool that will work quickly, affordably, and has a variety of uses. And that tool is a…

Get a “Raving Fans” Review Video

We know that creating a video optimized for a very specific location and business name will rank quickly on YouTube – often in a matter of hours. And if the video contains your business name, it should rank on the first page of results for your company name, right out of the gate.

So, what I’ve advised this client, and every client, is to create a short video featuring 6-10 of their best testimonials and reviews, and post it to YouTube.

It can be quickly and easily created using any one of a number of editing programs such as Camtasia, Screenflow, iMovie, just to name a few. Or, to save time, outsource the work.

To create this video, I simply went on Upwork and hired a person with the video editing skills I needed. I then sent them a text file with the testimonials, and their source. In a day, I had a great looking video.

The real magic of course is in the title and description. Both need to contain your company name, the word “reviews”, and even the city where your business is located.

When it’s all done, you should have something that looks like this…

Using Review Videos to Improve SERP Click-Throughs

Own the Eye-Catching Click-Throughs

What I love about these video search results is the thumbnail. That thumbnail image really grabs your attention, doesn’t it?

In fact, these thumbnails draw the eye so well that they’re 41% more likely to be clicked on than text-only results, even if they aren’t at the top of the page.

Not only does this mean people are more likely to see your reviews, but as importantly, they won’t be focused on blemishes such as the 2.9 rating shown in the search results for my client.

For the little amount of time and money you spend to create one of these great review videos, they represent great value if all you do is get them ranked as described.

But why stop there?

Use the Swiss Army Knife of Videos

Once your review video is uploaded, why not put it to work on your website, on the front page, the “about” page…heck, why not on every page?

And then, upload it to your Facebook page and pin it to the top of the newsfeed. You could even edit a shorter version to put on Instagram. Also be sure to link to it on Twitter.

Don’t forget to include a link to it in your email communications with prospects and customers alike. I often encourage clients to put it directly in their auto-signature so that everyone email they send becomes a tiny advertisement for the quality of service they provide.

For the money, these review videos deliver big value.

It’s Not Just For Local

The review video works great for local businesses. But it can help internet-based business just as well. Take, for example, another client of mine, Dave Smith. He runs an online fitness and weight-loss program called Make Your Body Work and is a fitness coach at TotalCoaching.

Is there any other area where testimonials plays such a crucial role as weight-loss or fitness. Hardly.

I don’t know about you, but anytime I consider buying an online learning or coaching program, I do my research. And that starts with a search for reviews. Sadly, here’s what people see when they search “make your body work reviews”…

Using Review Videos to Improve SERP Click-Throughs

No fanfare.

No raving fans shouting about his skills as a coach and motivator.

Nothing but crickets chirping here.

But if someone were to search for “Dave Smith the personal trainer”, you’d see one of those eye-catching thumbnails of him receiving the “personal trainer of the year award” …

Using Review Videos to Improve SERP Click-Throughs

It’s the same story. Dave gets emails and Facebook reviews gushing about his programs, but if a person shouts out a testimonial in the middle of the forest, and there’s no one there to hear it, does it really make a sound?

In this case, I advised Dave to rework the title and description of this video to include the name of his program, as well as work in the word “review”. As an example…

Title: Make Your Body Work – Dave Smith – The Ultimate Review

Description: Dave Smith, founder of Make Your Body Work receives the ultimate review by his peers and is awarded Personal Trainer of The Year.

Reviews + Video = Bushels of Fruit

80% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendations, and about the same number of people – 9 out of 10 – look to online reviews to help make their buying decision.

Combine those numbers with the power that video has to engage and influence your prospects, and you have the potential for a bountiful harvest.

Let me know what you think. Do you see value in review videos? Have any suggestions on how to amp up their power? Please leave a comment.

Curtis Penner
About the author
Curtis Penner is owner of Backstage Marketing, which helps non-internet, independently owned businesses harness the power of content marketing to generate more web traffic, more leads and sell more stuff.