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What’s New in Local Search Grid? More Reasons to Put Your Rankings on the Map!

What’s New in Local Search Grid? More Reasons to Put Your Rankings on the Map!

In the months since we launched Local Search Grid, we’ve been hard at work adding new functionality and updates to make it the de facto geo grid of choice.

Alongside the usual, subtle quality-of-life updates you’re not supposed to notice, we’ve launched some big new features that take understanding and improving your local search performance to the next level.

Here’s why there’s never been a better time to put your rankings on the map!

New Key Metrics in Competitor Tables

One of the really neat things you can do with Local Search Grid is to track your competitors and find out why their Google My Business profiles might be winning in local SERPs. You can view the business category they’re using on GMB, see the number of reviews and their average review rating, and find out where you might have an angle to beat them.

We’ve since added two key on-site SEO metrics to this table, number of backlinks and website Domain Authority, so competitor espionage can uncover more routes to winning than ever before!


Local Search Grid Domain Authority And Links

Links: This is the number of links we’ve found on the internet that direct to the business’s website. Comparing the number of links between competitors allows you to understand where you might be able to beat them in organic and local search by building links back to your site.

Authority: This number, out of 100, tells you how likely a business’s website is to rank in organic search, and is a good indicator of their overall SEO performance. If all of your competitors are beating you here, you might want to look at improving your website’s SEO.

SERP Screenshots

We’ve all been there: you’re talking about rankings and your local SEO client says “well, when I looked on Google…” With this update you can now roll your eyes back to the front of your head and calmly present your client with proof of the true picture of their rankings positions.

This much-sought-after update allows you to see what a Google Local Finder search looked like, in-browser, when our system performed it.


SERP Screenshots In Local Search Grid


This will help you communicate rankings performance to skeptical clients and stakeholders by showing results in a format they’re familiar with. It also really helps inform and educate clients about local SEO!

Visit the FAQ to find out more.

Purchase Addons

Regularly running out of credits or tired of manually buying more?

Good news! We’ve added bundles of Local Search Grid credits to the Addons page, making it easy to customize the number of credits you get every month.


Local Search Grid Bundled Credits Addons


Note: only BrightLocal Account Owners can view and purchase Addons.

Archive Report Runs

There are many reasons why you might want to clear the decks in Local Search Grid. No longer have use for a report run but don’t want to delete it? Have a report run you’d rather not appear in your white-label report?

Well, now you can archive individual report runs with ease, and access your Report History at any time from within Local Search Grid.


Local Search Grid Archive Report Run


​​Visit the FAQ to find out more.

Support for Enterprise Plans

Great news for agencies and brands managing 100+ locations: you can now set up custom plans for Local Search Grid credits!

This means no more repetitive manual purchasing of additional credits for businesses working at scale.

Speak with the Enterprise Team to get these set up in your custom plan, or read our launch article for more info.

Local Search Grid Module Added to Brightlocal Academy Course

Want to get the most out of Local Search Grid? We’ve added a module focused on doing just this to our Level Up Your Local SEO with BrightLocal course in BrightLocal Academy.


LSG Module added to BrightLocal academy


In it you’ll learn how to use Local Search Grid to get the clearest picture of local rankings, alongisde using the powerful competitor benchmarking features to reveal where you should be focusing your ongoing optimization efforts!

You can find out more and join BrightLocal Academy for free by following the relevant link below.

If you’re an existing BrightLocal Academy member, enroll on the course, or if you’ve enrolled already, jump straight in and complete the Local Search Grid module (you don’t have to worry about re-taking the final exam again!).

We hope you enjoy these improvements as we continue to make the most affordable geo grid on the market. Want a particular feature? Let us know in the comments below!

Jamie Pitman
About the author
Jamie heads up BrightLocal's content team, ensuring we produce insightful articles, research and resources that enable businesses and SEOs to get even better results in local search.

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