‘The State of Local Search’ webinar 2013

‘The State of Local Search’ webinar 2013

On July 10th we hosted the 1st InsideLocal webinar which looked at the latest trends & issues in local search. We were lucky enough to be joined by 3 leading local search practitioners (Mike Blumenthal, Andrew Shotland & Phil Roezk) who shared their observations, insights & tips with us. This webinar was recorded and you can view the full recording below.

The slidedeck for the webinar is also available on slideshare.net – http://www.slideshare.net/brightlocal/inside-local-state-of-local-search-slidedeck-10062013 

Watch the Webinar: ‘State of Local Search’

Note – due to technical issues the first 2 minutes of webinar recording are not available.


Our Expert Panelists

Mike Blumenthal Mike Blumenthal

Mike is one of the best known figures in the industry and an avid fan of local search; a subject which he writes about on his blog Understanding Google Places & Local Search. Mike’s blog was ranked as the no. 1 local search blog in our poll at the end of last year. Follow Mike on Twitter & G+.

Andrew Shotland Andrew Shotland

As a former head of business development for InsiderPages, Andrew is the owner of Local SEO Guide where he provides clients with SEO and SEM consulting services. Follow Andrew on Twitter & G+.

Phil Rozek Phil Rozek

Phil specializes in helping small and medium sized businesses get visibility online. When he’s not running Local Visibility System where he provides consultancy services & maintains his excellent local search blog, Phil is an active industry speaker, having appeared at SMX West, SMX East & State of Search to name a few. He’s also a contributor to the Local Ranking Factors study. Follow Phil on Twitter & G+.

About this Webinar


Local search is a complex and ever changing marketing channel. It’s essential for SMBs and consultants to stay on top of the latest changes & opportunities and learn how to use them to best serve their business and clients’ businesses.

  • New Google Places for Business Dashboard & updates
  • New Google ‘Carousel’ & algorithm updates
  • Google+ Business updates, tips and insights
  • Apple Maps Update & optimization tips
  • Myles Anderson (BrightLocal)
  • Linda Buquet (Local Search Forum)
Time & Date:
  • Wednesday 10 July 2013
  • 110 mins

About InsideLocal Webinar Series

BrightLocal & the Local Search Forum have teamed up to deliver an exciting series of local search focused webinars. The ‘InsideLocal’ webinar series explores the most important, most topical & most exciting areas of local search marketing.

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9 thoughts on “‘The State of Local Search’ webinar 2013”

  1. whoah this blog is great i love reading your articles. Stay
    up the good work! You realize, lots of individuals are searching round for this info,
    you can aid them greatly.

  2. Thanks for a great webinar guys, you definitely cleared a few things up for me. I think one of the toughest parts about helping businesses with their local SEO is managing their expectations around time & speed of ranking gains among constant updates by Google.

  3. Regarding Jeff’s comment above….

    Is ExpressUpdate powered by Yext? If so, does anyone know if using their mass directory submitter, do you also need ExpressUpdate or does it serve the same purpose?



  4. In this webinar I think Mike said the NAP doesn’t have to be as exact as some people have said in the past. I think his example was “Street” versus “St.”. So if a business is listed as “Joe’s Shop” on some citations and “Joe’s Shop Inc.” on other citations, is that a problem? Does it adversely affect SEO?

  5. Thanks Myles,

    This was a great webinar with some of the very best in the Local SEO field.

    I learned many great things but the three that stand out are Mike’s excellent approach to reviews (get the service right in the first place rather than focusing on fixing bad reviews later), Andrew’s affirmation that local businesses can indeed beat the giants in local SEO if they try which has also been my experience so far (with great tools like BrightLocal and I’m going to try WhiteSpark as well and probably use both of them), and Phil’s up-to-date information about NAP information providers.

    Regarding NAP and citations I just want to share my experiences with you and with other BrightLocal subscribers. After listening to the webinar I signed up for the three main NAP providers mentioned by the experts: Localeze for $297/year, ExpressUpdate/InfoGroup, for $30/month, and MyBusinessListingManager/Acxiom which is free.

    ExpressUpdate was the slickest, they’ve got an intuitive state-of-the-art Ruby on Rails site. I was able to find, claim, and edit my business NAP info. After plopping down $300 for Localeze (no monthly payment option) I was not able to change or enhance my old business NAP listing, I repeatedly got an error message, so I contacted their tech support by email. On Acxiom I was able to claim and update my NAP but am waiting for them to verify it by phone.

    One day after buying InfoGroup’s ExpressUpdate $30/month service my updated NAP info. started showing up in their network. They got all the NAP info. correct on their member sites, however they put them in the wrong category: Agricultural Products and Farm Equipment, which would have jeopardized my Google+ Local category integrity if I had not noticed, highlighting the need to follow up on these services to make sure they get it right.

    I sent them an email and within one day they had corrected it and sent the corrected categories out to their network before the other two services have even started to distribute theirs: I’m still waiting for Acxiom to verify my claim (but at least it’s free) and I’m still waiting to hear back from Localeze after two emails and a phone message to their tech support so I can even update my listing and then who knows how long it will take each of them to distribute the updated info. to their member listings.

    Meanwhile, ExpressUpdate has already updated my NAP in most of their network as I have verified for myself after just two business days. They are powered by Yext which is making me interested in Yext’s other services.

    I’ll probably drop Localeze after the 1-year is up but I’ll keep the ExpressUpdate/Yext especially since they offer monthly payments. $30 was worth getting my NAP updated so rapidly in their network. The jury is still out regarding the $300 for Localeze.


  6. Hi Sophie,

    unfortunately I missed the webinar. Do you plan to upload the webinar e.g. on YouTube?

    Best regards

    (from Germany)

  7. Under the MORE tap when doing you use to be able to click on PLACES and on the 2nd or even 5th pages my listing you show up like as the group of 7 does on the first page. How to I get that to show again or is just gone?

    It was the way I could verify that a clients listing would be showing higher on google searches,

  8. I have changed my Client’s website associated with their Google account months ago and Google STILL associates the old website with their MAPS page. So we’re losing all review credits, etc. why won’t they accept our updated information? It was done through the account edit Dashboard.

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