Local Ranking Factors Discussed

Local Ranking Factors Discussed

On November 19th, 2014 we were joined by 3 local search experts to debate the most important factors that influence local search results.

2014 has been a big year for local search; in previous months we’ve seen some major updates & changes. Not only have we been introduced to Google My Business, but also the Google Pigeon Update. And with so many big changes, it can be tough to know which local search tactics are still relevant, which ones are most effective, and which ones are simply a waste of our time!

Thankfully there are a lot of great resources out there to keep us in the loop – most notably the annual Local Search Ranking Factors study which is produced by David Mihm. We were delighted to be joined by David on this webinar, as well as 2 more prominent figures from the local search world; Andrew Shotland & Matthew Hunt.

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Our Expert Panelists

David Mihm David Mihm

David is a highly regarded local search expert & Director of Local Search Strategy at Moz.com. Prior to this, David ran getlisted.org. In addition to being a founding member of LocalU, David is also the curator of the widely consulted Local Search Ranking Factors Survey – which has obvious relevance for this webinar! Follow David on Twitter & G+.

Andrew Shotland Andrew Shotland

As a former head of business development for InsiderPages, Andrew is the owner of Local SEO Guide where he provides clients with SEO and SEM consulting services. Andrew also joined us on the last webinar, and we’re delighted to have him back as his knowledge of local search can’t be rivalled by many. Follow Andrew on Twitter & G+.

Matthew Hunt matthew hunt

Matthew ran Small Business Online Coach before completing a merger to now become COO at Powered by Search. As an entrepreneur, growth hacker, and self-confessed internet marketing addict, Matthew has a proven record of implementing local search marketing strategies for small businesses. Follow Matthew on Twitter & G+.

About this Webinar

  • Latest developments in Google’s local algo
  • Organic signals vs pure-local signals
  • Citations – balancing Quantity with Quality
  • What to obsess about and what not!
  • The rise of ‘Behavioural’ factors & how to influence
Host & Chat Support
Time & Date:
  • Wednesday 19 November 2014
  • 60 mins

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BrightLocal & the Local Search Forum have teamed up to deliver an exciting series of local search focused webinars. The InsideLocal webinar series explores the most important, most topical & most exciting areas of local search marketing.

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8 thoughts on “Local Ranking Factors Discussed”

  1. Missed the webinar but just heard the recording. Excellent information provided. However, the results we are seeing for our clients are all over the place. Seems like Google’s new algorithms have a mind of their own.

  2. Local is an important factor in the ever changing serp landscape. Now more then ever it is important to have prick and mortar locations with the nap the same all over the web. Google constantly adding to locals as web as changing who they are weighted but updates like pigeon. Citation building is key to success along with many best practices specific to the local itself. Good post and I think you have a best in class software/service line. Nice to see many of your team from Ukraine, the country I was born in.

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