Building a Close Working Relationship – Q&A with Laura Betterley

Building a Close Working Relationship – Q&A with Laura Betterley
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This blog post is part of an insightful series of interviews we are conducting with successful & well regarded web designers, SEOs and agency owners.

*All answers are the words of the interviewees and any opinions expressed are those of the interviewee and not necessarily of BrightLocal.

This Q&A interview is conducted with Laura Betterly from Yada Yada marketing

Laura BetterlyLaura Betterly

“Laura Betterly runs boutique marketing agency Yada Yada Marketing and is published by Ryan Deiss with her product for local marketers, Mobile Local Fusion. Her company is Google certified for PPC and she is also an excellent SEO ranking herself and clients for competitive terms.”


*All answers are the words of the interviewees and any opinions expressed are those of the interviewee and not BrightLocal.

1. How often do you physically meet with your customers?

Virtually never. It used to be that we’d do in person meetings, but now with screen sharing, we can do almost everything remotely.

2. How important is trust in your client relationships & how do you develop trust between you & your clients?

It’s vital. Trust is developed by being trustworthy and bringing value. Sometimes we do things that we weren’t contracted for because it builds value and trust.

Also, having referrals and testimonials also breeds trust. The BBB is a good place to also build trust.

3. How do you manage client’s expectations if progress is slow in the first few months?

If you don’t over promise this almost never happens. If it does, we are honest about the progress and if my sales person did over promise we’ll sometimes give a free month to them to make up for it.

4. Do clients take a keen interest in results & reports?

Some do, some don’t. Most only care about the phone ringing and people coming into their establishment.

5. What KPIs do you report to your clients and how frequently do you report?

We report monthly:
  • Ranking
  • Calls
  • Traffic Stats

6. Once you achieve good results for a client, how do you keep them investing in their SEO?

They are told up front that SEO positions need to be maintained, if not maintained their competitors will over take them.

7. Do you find it’s more lucrative to upsell existing clients on extra services than to go out and win new clients?

Yes, extremely.

8. How long does a typical customer stay active with you?

I have many clients that I’ve had since 2005. Most stay several years. In three occasions clients who had left, came back to us

9. How do you handle problematic or difficult customers?

Refund and fire. No other option as a client that is that way will suck the life out of you and you’ll end up neglecting the good ones.

Now, you can do this in a manner that they are not upset–things like you’re over extended and cannot give them the service they deserve but there’s no way to avoid getting rid of them if you want to stay in business and enjoy what you do.

10.What’s the ‘key’ to good customer relationships?

  • Honesty
  • Proper Expectations
  • Results
  • Good Communication
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