On February 12th we hosted another InsideLocal webinar with 4 local SEO experts to discuss Powerful Content Creation Ideas for Local Businesses.

The InsideLocal expert webinar series returned with a focus on content, specifically for local or multi-location businesses. It’s no secret that content is important for local search – but how should local businesses leverage it for success?

Watch Webinar Recording:

Our Expert Panelists

Don Campbell

Don is President of Expand2Web, a company that offers tools & training to help small businesses succeed online. Founded in 2008, Expand2Web helps thousands of small businesses create websites & position themselves for top local search results. Prior to this, Don was a Technology Evangelist for Microsoft, and in his latest project, Don helps small business owners encourage online review atGetFiveStars. Follow Don on Twitter & G+.

Greg Gifford

Greg is the Director of Search and Social at AutoRevo, a software company which helps car dealers with websites and online marketing. Greg also provides freelance web design and SEO for local businesses. In addition to being a contributor to the Local Ranking Factors study, Greg is a member of the Board of Directors for the DFWSEM, which promotes SEM through best practices. Follow Greg on Twitter & G+.

Susan Hallam

Susan is a recognised leader in the field of Internet marketing and an expert speaker at industry conferences including SMX. Susan is a regular contributor to sites like Moz, the BBC, and other traditional press, and as well as being a contributor to the Local Ranking Factors study, Susan runs the successful digital marketing agency Hallam Internet which was established in 1999. Follow Susan on Twitter & G+.

David Oremland

Dave Oremland has been practicing local SEO since 2003 & has been a frequent commentator in local media, blogs, and forums since then. Dave, with a team operates a variety of businesses, applying web marketing, general & local SEO. He has been a contributor to the Local Search Ranking Factors since they began and occasionally practices third party LOCAL on behalf of a variety of outside clients. The one business on which he has published information and data is the Professional Bartending School in Washington DC. Follow Dave on Twitter.