‘The State of Local Search’ webinar 2013

‘The State of Local Search’ webinar 2013

On July 10th we hosted the 1st InsideLocal webinar which looked at the latest trends & issues in local search. We were lucky enough to be joined by 3 leading local search practitioners (Mike Blumenthal, Andrew Shotland & Phil Roezk) who shared their observations, insights & tips with us. This webinar was recorded and you can view the full recording below.

The slidedeck for the webinar is also available on slideshare.net – http://www.slideshare.net/brightlocal/inside-local-state-of-local-search-slidedeck-10062013 

Watch the Webinar: ‘State of Local Search’

Note – due to technical issues the first 2 minutes of webinar recording are not available.


Our Expert Panelists

Mike Blumenthal

Mike is one of the best known figures in the industry and an avid fan of local search; a subject which he writes about on his blog Understanding Google Places & Local Search. Mike’s blog was ranked as the no. 1 local search blog in our poll at the end of last year. Follow Mike on Twitter & G+.

Andrew Shotland

As a former head of business development for InsiderPages, Andrew is the owner of Local SEO Guide where he provides clients with SEO and SEM consulting services. Follow Andrew on Twitter & G+.

Phil Rozek

Phil specializes in helping small and medium sized businesses get visibility online. When he’s not running Local Visibility System where he provides consultancy services & maintains his excellent local search blog, Phil is an active industry speaker, having appeared at SMX West, SMX East & State of Search to name a few. He’s also a contributor to the Local Ranking Factors study. Follow Phil on Twitter & G+.

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