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Local Consumer Review Survey 2018

Welcome to this year’s Local Consumer Review Survey! We’ve compiled the latest trends in online reviews, giving you all the statistics you need to develop your online reputation management strategy for local businesses in 2019. When we first

Google Reviews Study 2018

It’s official: review signals are becoming even more important to local SEO rankings. We know Google values trustworthy businesses, and frequent and positive reviews are one way to assess who comes out on top. And while plenty of other review

Local Services Ads Click Study 2018

Welcome to the Local Services Ads Click Study! Local Services ads, or ‘Local Services by Google’ as more formally known, are Google’s latest in-SERP advertising option for local and Service Area Businesses (SAB). With LSAs popping up in

Online Reputation Management Survey 2018

With reviews becoming ever more commonplace for local businesses, we wanted to uncover the ways that those in charge of marketing for local businesses saw, used and prioritized online reputation management solutions. We asked the attendees of

Expert Local Citation Survey 2018

In the world of local SEO, citations have long been established as a necessity. But how much power do they hold in 2018? To find out, we asked a panel of 22 of the biggest local search

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