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Cb Resource Sweeden

Top Business Listings in Sweden

by Rada Daktina

Over 97% of the Swedish population are internet users, so boosting your local search presence is a must for businesses with locations in Sweden. Business citations are invaluable sources of ...

March 1st, 2024
Cb Resource Portugal

Top Citation Sites in Portugal

by Rada Daktina

Almost 7 in 10 Portuguese consumers conduct online research when planning a significant purchase. Add in the European predilection for shopping locally, and there’s little doubt that local business listings ...

March 1st, 2024
Cb Resource Belgium

Top Citation Sites in Belgium

by Rada Daktina

If you’re serious about growing your business in Belgium, you’ll need to incorporate local citation building into your local search plan. A good spread of business listings, across a wide ...

March 1st, 2024
Adventures in Local Marketing Steve Wiideman

Steve Wiideman on Navigating Big Brand Local SEO

In response to BrightLocal’s Brand Beacon Report 2024 findings, this episode sees us speak to enterprise expert Steve Wiideman about all things multi-location SEO. In this wide-ranging and tactical nugget-filled ...

February 21st, 2024
50 min listen