How to Manage Your Business Opening Hours on Google Business Profile

How to Manage Your Business Opening Hours on Google Business Profile

Published: December 1st, 2021

Last Updated: June 1st, 2023

Imagine the scenario.

You’re a dog owner—your good boy needs treatos. You check the pet store’s Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) listing, which says it’s open. You drive across town for treats, but find that the pet store is CLOSED.

Google Reviews Dog

Source: Unsplash

Now imagine you’re the pet store owner. You just made a dog sad. What’s more, you made a pet owner angry. They just wrote you a 1* review on Google and maybe you’ve lost their ongoing custom.

Something as seemingly simple as store opening times can have less-than-simple consequences for both customers and business owners. So it’s imperative to keep your opening hours updated and correct!

The ‘Open Now Near Me’ Opportunity

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that having incorrect opening times advertised online is bad news. This can easily affect a businesses chances of attracting, converting, and keeping customers.

But is there a business argument to be made for making your opening hours as long as possible? Search volume for phrases that include ‘open now near me’ has grown steadily since 2013:

Gbp Open Now Near Me

Source: Google Trends

Google gives users the ability to filter search results according to opening times, and this is another reason why a business must make sure the listed business hours are correct.

The ‘hours’ filter (on desktop) and the ‘open now’ button (on mobile) both reflect the ‘open now’ search trend:

Gbp Listing Nail Salon

In our age of serious smartphone usage, we’re pretty used to instant gratification and impulse purchases. So depending on your vertical, make sure that you understand the ‘open now near me’ opportunity in your specific niche.

‘Open now near me’ searches are on the rise for a variety of user needs:

Rising Open Now Searches

Source: Think With Google

Opening Hours

Google Business Profile (GBP) listings should only be created for businesses that either have a physical location that customers can visit, or for those that travel to visit customers where they are.

What are ‘opening hours’?

Your opening hours should be your regular customer-facing hours of operation. These are times when a customer or potential customer can visit your location in person.

For a service-area business, the opening hours would be the times you would expect someone to answer the phone.

Google recommends that certain business types shouldn’t provide opening hours information—such as those with varied hours or that operate by appointment only.

Read more here about Google’s guidelines for indoor lodging, schools and universities, cinemas, transportation, and event venues.

Where do opening times show?

Your Google business hours will show in your GBP listing on the search engine results page (SERP):

Zoo Gbp

Your Google business hours at the time of search will affect whether your business is marked open or closed (see 1 in the image above). There’s also a dedicated section for your regular opening hours (see 2 in the image above).

Users can click on ‘More hours’ (if the business has multiple types of hours set), or the small arrow (if the business only has regular hours set) to see the full details of week-long opening hours for a business:

Opening Hours Google

In the Google Local Finder and in Google Maps, businesses can show as open or closed, and the hours of operation for that day will also show.

Opening times in the Local Finder:

Google Hours Listing

Opening times in Google Maps on desktop:

Hair Salon

When you’ve updated your business hours, Google will often flag this in the Business Profile. I imagine this sends a ‘trust signal’ to customers and potential customers that the business is engaged in making sure that the details are correct:

Updated Business Hours

How to Change Business Hours on Google

You’ll be adding hours separately for each day of the week, and you can mark a break in opening hours by creating multiple entries on the same day.

Search for your business name in Google Search and then click ‘Edit profile’:

Profile Gbp

Next, click on the ‘hours row’ to see Monday to Sunday. Here you can add your regular opening hours accordingly.

GBP Opening Hours

If you operate on a ‘split hours’ basis—for example, if your business closes for lunch and/or dinner and then reopens—then you can add multiple entries for each day. In this case, click on the little plus sign next to the day(s) in question and add your second or third set of hours.

Special Hours / Holiday Hours

Special hours allow businesses to mark specific dates—such as public holidays or special events—with an opening schedule that is different to the regular opening hours.

You can only add special opening hours once you’ve set your regular hours. Also, you should only use the special hours function to close your business for up to six days in a row.

If you need to close your business for seven days or more in a row, you’ll need to mark your business as temporarily closed.

Where do Google business special hours show?

Your special hours will populate your opening hours according to the dates you’ve set and these will show directly in the Local Pack, Local Finder, Google Maps and Business Profile.

In the example below, ‘special hours’ is used to mark a specific day the following week when the business was due to be closed.

When the week that includes the date in question is reached, the business is shown as ‘closed’ on the relevant date:

Opening Hours Data

Adding and Updating Your Google Business ‘Special Hours’ / ‘Holiday Hours’

To edit your special hours/holiday hours, being by searching for your business name in Google Search and then clicking ‘Edit profile’:

GBP Edit Profile

Click on the ‘Hours’ tab and then go ahead and find your ‘Holiday opening hours’:

Holiday Opening Hours

To change these hours, simply click on this section. You can then edit your existing dates or click ‘Add a date’ at the bottom, select the dates from the calendar, and add the open and close times for those dates.

Google has a list of holidays by region and will often prompt businesses via notifications to check and update their holiday hours.

More Hours

‘More hours’ gives a business a chance to add a subset of hours for specific services.

Google states that “generally, you should set ‘more hours’ as a subset of your primary hours”, but I’ve seen businesses adding additional hours for things such as ‘online operating hours’ outside of their regular opening hours.

These are the options for ‘more hours’:

  • Access
  • Breakfast
  • Brunch
  • Delivery
  • Dinner
  • Drive-through
  • Happy hour
  • Hours for the elderly
  • Kitchen
  • Lunch
  • Online operating hours
  • Pick up
  • Takeaway

Where do ‘more hours’ show?

This option shows when you click on ‘more hours’ in your Business Profile:

Gbp Operating Hours

It’s important to note that using any of the ‘more hours’ categories outside of your regular operating hours won’t affect your business opening time in the SERP, which draws purely from your regular opening hours.

For example, if you state that you offer ‘online operating hours’ of 7 am to 9 am, but your regular operating hours are 9 am to 3 pm, if someone checks your business listing at 2.45 pm, they’ll see you marked as ‘Closes soon’ and due to open at 9 am:

Claire Carlile Marketing

Adding and Updating More Hours

Like ‘special hours’, ‘more hours’ won’t show unless you have set regular opening hours. You can do this via direct edit, as well as in Google Business Profile Manager.

Via Direct Edit

To add ‘more hours’ via direct edit, navigate to the ‘hours’ section in the direct edit interface. Select the type of hours that you want to add by clicking the relevant button:

Online Operating Hours

You’ll then be able to add the hours relevant to that service:

Google Business Listing Hours

You can add as many ‘more hours’ types as are relevant to your business.

Via Google Business Profile Manager

Select the ‘Info’ tab and click on ‘More hours’:

More Hours Gbp

From here, you’ll go through the same process as with the direct edit experience. 

How do I temporarily close my business?

If you’re going to be closed for more than six days, then you’ll need to mark your business as ‘temporarily closed’. You can do this through the direct edit interface or through Google Business Profile Manager.

Via Direct Edit

Simply search your business name, click ‘Edit profile’, select ‘Hours’, and then choose ‘Temporarily closed’:

Gbp Temporarily Closed

Via Google Business Profile Manager

Go to the ‘Info’ tab and look for the section where you can choose to mark the business as closed:

Google Close Business

The Business Profile of a business that’s temporarily closed looks like this:

Listing Temporarily Closed

In the Map Pack, it looks like this:

Map Pack Business Closed

What if my business is ‘appointment only’?

If your business premise is open by appointment only, Google doesn’t have a specific option for this.

In these guidelines, Google suggests that appointment-only businesses shouldn’t provide hours on their GBP.

You can mark this within the direct edit interface via the ‘Business information’ section:

Edit Business Information

In Google Business Profile Manager, there isn’t the equivalent option—you’ll need to go into your opening hours and mark yourself as closed:

Days And Hours

When you do this, opening hours will stop showing on your GBP listing:

Dead Sea Design

Help—Someone Keeps Changing My Business Hours!

Like many elements of a Google Business Profile, opening hours are subject to third-party edits:

Gbp Third Party Edits

It’s possible that a Google user is making edits to your business hours. You can sometimes see this if you make a search for your business using incognito mode:

User Suggested Hours

But it’s also possible that Google is pulling data from a third-party website—so check your business listings in places like Yelp and Facebook to see if incorrect opening times are being scraped from those sources.

If Google accepts any third-party edits, then—if you’ve signed up for notifications—you’ll get an email from Google saying that your opening times have changed based on those edits:

Updated Business Profile

If you need to go in and update your hours you can do so via the direct edit experience. Google will warn you that it can take up to three days to check and publish your edits, so make sure you make any changes ASAP!

In Summary

So there we have it. If you weren’t already aware of the importance of keeping your hours correct and up-to-date, then you are now.

As you can see, hours are pretty easily updated via the direct experience. However, at this point, you’ll still need to head over to the Google Business Profile dashboard to add special hours.

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